Weekly Review: This Week in JapanDave Photography #9 (Jan 23rd-Jan 29th)

This week: Learn to meditate with the Buddha, marvel at a garage so tiny it’s a wonder anything can fit in it, see a Japanese garden with a Buddhist stone lantern, experience the wonder of golden hour from under the overpass, be taken to the holy River Isuzu at Ise Grand Shrine where the goddess Amaterasu lives, take in the awesome vision of Nagoya Castle, and have a jolly laugh with Butai, the Fat Buddha.

Hmmm… You know, I hadn’t started that paragraph with the intention of sounding like the announcer of a 1950s sci-fi serial, but I was kind of getting into it at the end. But that reminds me—go look at someone’s remake of the Empire Strikes Back trailer, made as if it were a 1950s trailer. Cool stuff.

Anyways, enjoy this week’s photos.

Sunday, Jan 23rd—Peaceful Meditation with the Buddha

From Kamakura, the famous and awesome Daibutsu—or Great Buddha. What a wonderful statue, especially in HDR! (LINK)

Sun Photo

Monday, Jan 24th—Tiny Garage

A typical Japanese garage. So small. Can a car even fit in here?? (LINK)

Mon Photo

Tuesday, Jan 25th—Lantern Garden in the Sunlight

A nice garden from the neighborhood that has a cool buddhist stone lantern. These things are nice but expensive. (LINK)

Tues Photo

Wednesday, Jan 26th—Sunset Under the Bridge

A otherwise boring photo of the underside of an overpass, but made much more interesting by making use of the golden hour. (LINK)

Wed Photo

Thursday, Jan 27th—Holy River at Ise Jingu

A shot of the River Isuzu looking out the Uji bridge leading to Naiku at Ise Jingu (Ise Grand Shrine). Beautiful scene. (LINK)

Thurs Photo

Friday, Jan 28th—Nagoya Castle in Black and White

A great look at one of the most famous castles in Japan. Nagoya Castle is really a beauty. (LINK)

Fri Photo

Saturday, Jan 29th—The Fat Buddha, Budai

Also called Hotei, this jolly fella is commonly confused with the historic Buddha. He’s a happy guy. Rub his bely for good luck. (LINK)

Sat Photo

And that is that. Hope you see something there you liked, and hope you had a great week!

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