Weekly Review: This Week in JapanDave Photography #8 (Jan 16th-22nd)

This week: A Shirakawa woodblock, a Buddhist building, Minimalist Shinto, a nice landscape, autumn leaf enlightenment, another Shinto scene, and… rice.

Oh, yes… another week, another name change. One of these weeks I’ll settle on a name I like—promise.

Now, on with the review.

Sunday, Jan 16th—Shirakawago Farmhouse Woodblock

Playing with some textures here to give this an old look. These farmhouses are amazing. (LINK)

Shirakawago Farmhouse Woodblock

Monday, Jan 17th—Pagoda In the Woods

An interesting, unique pagoda hidden at a hillside temple. (LINK)

Pagoda in the Woods

Tuesday, Jan 18th—Stone Gate Minimalism

A close-up of a torii gate, or part of it anyways. These are such simple, beautiful structures. (LINK)

Stone Gate Minimalism

Wednesday, Jan 19th—Train Tracks & Light

Follow the light” is really good photography advice. Here I followed it literally, chasing it to where I saw this scene. (LINK)

Train Tracks and Light

Thursday, Jan 20th—Red Leaf Enlightenment

A close up of a maple leaf. (LINK)

Red Leaf Enlightenment

Friday, Jan 21st—Shrine Gates & Grounds—Let’s Go Pray

An awesome Shinto shrine gate here at one of Okazaki’s more famous shrines. See the post for a neat true story about this shrine involving ninja. (LINK)

Shrine Gate and grounds---Let's Go Pray

Saturday, Jan 22nd—Look at All That Rice

Rice patties are nice and peaceful places to walk, especially if you are like me and love the quiet and beauty of nature. Here is a close up of a few of the plants right before harvest. (LINK)

Look at All That Rice [22/365]

And that is that. Hope you see something there you liked, and hope you had a great week!

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