Nagoya Castle, Black & White

Or at least a reasonable facsimile of the former castle.

The real Nagoya Castle was almost completely destroyed in WW2. What you see below is a modern replica built in 1959. It is pretty nice to look at—just don’t go inside. As was the fashion at the time, I suppose, the inside is a lifeless, ugly, concrete museum. But the outside is very well done. At least to these untrained eyes it is. This guy could probably tell you more.

From this angle, there was once a group of buildings in front, the Honmaru Palace. They finally raised enough money to reconstruct this and started construction not long after I took this photo. According to Wikipedia it is scheduled to be finished in 2017. Let’s hope the insides are made a little more true to history and not another soulless concrete museum.


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Show Me Japan, Vol 11

It’s that time again—time for another Show Me Japan, the weekly collection of photos from all over Japan. The above photo is my entry this week. Be sure to go check out the other entries.

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