This Week in JapanDave HDR (Dec 6th–Dec 12th)

Welcome to the second week in review entry. I’m still trying to think of a good title for this series—last week I tried simply “Week In Review” along with the dates being reviewed, this week I thought to specify a bit more. What do you guys think? I’ll also probably move the review post to Sunday soon, but it’s still a work in progress so forgive me the lack of polish.

At any rate, lets look back at the HDR photos published on JapanDave last week, shall we? Remember, if you like any of them and want to save it to use as a wallpaper on your computer or whatever, simply click on the photo and you’ll be taken to my portfolio on flickr where you can grab the full version.

Let’s get started. First up…

Monday, Dec 6th—Plum Blossom Branch

Not so long ago1, plum blossoms were considered more beautiful than the cherry blossoms in Japan. They still are in China and by old people here who dislike the large crowds that the cherry blossoms attract. It is a smaller flower, but no less beautiful. (LINK)

Plum Blossom Branch

Tuesday, Dec 7th—Mystery Rope

Here was a close-up photo of a somewhat common object in Japan, but one that people outside the country may not know about. Do you know what it is? (LINK)

Mystery Rope

Wednesday, Dec 8th—Water Dispensing Dragon

Or at least normally he would be spitting water out, if he wasn’t clogged up with fallen leaves. This is where you are expected to clean your hands when you enter a shrine. In dragon spit.

Also, the answer to what is the Mystery Rope is revealed in this post. (LINK)

Water Dispensing Dragon

Thursday, Dec 9th—The Birds

An attempt to do something I’m not very practiced at, taking photos of moving things—specifically, flying birds. Turned out pretty well. (LINK)

The Birds

Friday, Dec 10th—Holy Rock

Another mysterious object, but this time I don’t know what it is either. A marker for the shrine, maybe. It is so worn with age and neglect that little of the text remains. From a tiny shrine between two apartments. (LINK)

Holy Rock

Saturday, Dec 11th—Slight Smile

A non-HDR! I do take a lot of photos that I don’t process into HDR; I even post them here sometimes if you watch carefully. This one is a little girl from a shrine parade. (LINK)

Slight Smile

Sunday, Dec 12th—Train & Clouds

A landscape of some clouds over a speeding train; or, of a speeding train under some clouds. You decide what you want to be the subject of the photo. Either way, a nice scene. Also some info about trains in general. (LINK)

Train and Clouds


And, with that, another week’s review comes to a close. Be sure to check out the linked post for any photos you like for additional details about the shot.

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  1. Well, if you consider a millennium not so long ago, give or take a few hundred years.

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