Holy Rock

Not really a rock, but it’s a catchy title, eh? I’m really not sure what this is.

As you can see, a lot of the writing has been worn completely away, so this is either an old shrine, or an uncared for one. It is a very tiny shrine, stuck between two apartment buildings. I assume it was there before the apartments were, but no idea. The rope is a shimenawa. It is used to mark off holy objects or areas. I like how the light was hitting this and dividing it into two halves. I brought up the shadow a little, but not much.

Despite the apparent neglect, shrines always give us a bit of an oasis in the otherwise concrete jungle that is most bigger cities.


See other shinto shrines. Also, see a close-up of a shimenawa.

What do you guys think about shrines? Waste of space or nice peaceful areas to escape the city in little bit?

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