Chained Dragon

I suppose your first reaction upon seeing this chained dragon1 might be along the lines of “good—best keep that dangerous creature trapped”, but let’s remember that unlike the demonic, sinister dragons in European stories, the Asian dragon is seen as a gentle, peaceful creature and a force for good. Considering that, it seems kind of cruel to keep him chained there. Hmm… maybe I should have freer him. I could have gotten a wish or something. Oh well.

More seriously, this is the place where you are suppose to wash your hands before praying at the inner shrine. This one hadn’t been cleaned in a while: The fallen leaves had clogged the drain up.


One more thing before I go. The November J-Blogger Matsuri ended today. Ashley of Surviving in Japan just did the wrap-up post. I suggest you go read it. Also, go read my entry about making miso if you missed it.

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  1. Yes, I know it’s a rather tiny chain. Maybe it’s magical!

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