Himeji Castle at Sunrise

The white of the castle really stands out against the colorful sky.

Himeji Castle, often called the White Heron Castle due to its white walls, is usually considered the finest castle in Japan. It is the largest Japanese castle and is completely original — one of the few left. It amazingly survived the bombings of WW2 and the big earthquake in ’95 and today is a world heritage site.

Whenever films want to include a Japanese castle, they normally pick Himeji. You may remember seeing it in You Only Live Twice and the Richard Chamberlain TV miniseries Shogun (where it appears as Osaka Castle). Interestingly, some Japanese samurai dramas also use Himeji Castle as a substitute for Edo (or Tokyo) Castle which was destroyed by fire and later WW2 bombings.

You can read more about this amazing castle at the equally amazing Japanese Castle Explorer website.



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