Drainspotting in Shirakawa & iPhone HDR

Some drainspotting and iPhone HDR. Wait—what’s drainspotting? Click in to find out!

iPhone HDR

The latest update to the iPhone (iOS 4.1) includes a surprise: The ability to take HDR photos. Great news! My thoughts here are that Apple is just ahead of the curve — eventually all digital cameras will have built in HDR. Much easier to program HDR into the camera than to design new camera sensors with extended dynamic ranges, after all.

Read more at iPhoneography.com.

Unfortunately, I am less than impressed with Apple’s results. The final HDR images they provide are disappointing. At first I thought they were only taking one photo and making it a pseudo-HDR in software, but Marty of Life in Lofi tested it and says they are the real thing.

Later today I’m going to test it out more and if all goes well, I’ll give a mini-review tomorrow.

Daily HDR Photo — Drainspotting in Shirakawa

Today’s photo is from Shirakawago.

Yes, even in this remote, small town they decorate their manhole covers. Do any other countries do this or is it just a Japanese thing?

By the way, since we are talking about iPhone HDR today, this shot is from my old iPhone 3G. I dressed it up with photomatix and other apps to make it into the best pseudo-HDR possible. Like it?


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