Over the River and Through the Woods…

Looking over a traditional bridge towards the war shrine, Iga Hachimangu.

Translation Problems

Iga Hachimangu is the Japanese name. Gu means shrine. Various translations to English put it as Iga Hachiman Shrine or, more simply, Iga Shrine, but sometimes you can even see it translated as Iga Hachimangu Shrine. So if you are looking for info about this shrine in English, you might find all these names.

Iga Hachimangu

I’ve talked about Iga Hachimangu before and told a few stories about it. Go read some of them. The shrine was visited by Ieyasu and his men before going off to battle, and one of my favorite stories involves a visit by them and one of Ieyasu’s tricks to motivate his men. Go read that story here.

The Bridge to Iga Hachimangu

I like these traditional bridges, called taiko-bashi (TIE-KOH BAH-SHE) Of course the originals didn’t have concrete, but the basic design is the same. Arched bridges aren’t exactly unique to Japan, but Japan’s versions of the classic bridges do have a special charm.

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