The Great Buddha

Today’s photo is Amida Buddha, the daibutsu or Great Buddha of Kamakura.


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Daily Photo: The Great Buddha

You’ve probably all seen this before; it’s one of the symbols of Japan.

Built around 1252, he weighs 93 tons and is 13.4 meters tall (that’s ~44 feet). At one time he was surrounded by a temple, but a tsunami in 1498 washed it away.

You can go inside, and it’s pretty impressive. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos from the inside. I don’t remember why, but it was probably too crowded and dark.

The temple is called Kōtoku-in, by the way. Here is a shot of the entrance sign.


I love this sign. No idea when it was written, but the phrasing they use is awesome. Fits the temple.


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