Orange Skys Over Okazaki

Today’s shot is a beautiful sunset over Okazaki. The sky really did look like that! It was the most amazing orange.

This is taken from a large hill in between Higashi-Okazaki and Otogawa stations. I geotagged this photo, so be sure to check if interested.

There is a great temple on the hill I took this from. I believe it’s called Kisshouin (吉祥院), but I could be reading it wrong… Any help? I’ve taken a number of other shots from this temple, including this and this.

Anyway, when I went for this shot, I noticed they had surrounded the hill top with a high fence since the previous time I was there, completely ruining the view. Safety first, eh? So I had to figure out a way around the fence to get this photo (so much for safety!) I thought for sure I would miss the sunset, but I managed to get this shot of it. Even with HDR processing, I swear it was so much more colorful than this! I guess even HDR can’t match what the eye can see.

By the way, can you see Okazaki Castle in the background? Look closely.


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