Enter the Teahouse

Daily HDR Photo — Enter the Teahouse

Today’s photo is the entrance to a teahouse. Teahouses are often surrounded by gardens and are very peaceful areas.

Enter the Teahouse


Tea has always been an important part of Japanese culture. One of the most fascinating tea customs is tea ceremony (sado). It is a wonderful ceremony that is something of a lesson in mindfulness. When you enter tea ceremony you leave everything else behind and for that short time, all that matters is the tea.

To help one enter this frame of mind, tea houses would be set back away from other areas, in an isolated area when possible, surrounded by nature.

This shot is the entrance to the teahouse area. Inside the gate and to the left is a rock garden. Here’s a shot of the same area, just from the reverse side (and a few weeks later). Your moment of zen.

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