backing in and other tidbits

One interesting difference in Japan is that everyone backs their cars in to all parking spaces. Driving head first into spaces as we typically do in the States is almost never done. I guess it makes sense from a safety standpoint. Cops do this back home too so that if they have to leave in a hurry they can just drive out without worrying about blind spots or whatnot. Tho when I asked a Japanese guy about this he had no idea why.

The weather is starting to cool down here and the leaves have started to change. The Japanese pay a lot of attention to seasonal change, and so the leaves changing is a huge event here. Just like the cherry blossom blooming forecasts in April, the news is full of forecasts about where and when you can see the leaves changing.

The Japanese are typically very concerned about the environment. This is probably in part because of the native religion, Shinto, which is often described as nature worship. That

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