The Remarkable Art Of Giving And Receiving Change In Japan

Oona McGee on the Japanese way of giving change:

This remarkable attention to customer service even extends to the handling of cash transactions in shops around the country. Akin to an art form, a simple payment to a store clerk in Japan will inevitably set off a series of steps and precise movements to satisfy the needs of both parties and respectively complete the exchange. Come with us as we take you through the steps of a simple transaction in Japan. The attention to detail and the clever reasons for it will surprise you.

Old Japan Meets Disney

John Ramirez loves Japan. He’s also a Disney storyboard artist. This is where things get interesting.

Some of these are really cool.

Damaged Kumamoto Castle Actually Withstood The Earthquake Just As Ancient Architects Intended

I’m sure you all have read about the Kyushu earthquake by now. It was a pretty big one. One casualty of the quake was Kumamoto Castle. The roof and stone wall of the castle were damaged.

The Spoon & Tamago blog tells us this was by design:

The primary damages appears to be of the stone walls and tile roofing, which were dislodged and collapsed. The tile roofing, in particular, slide off the roof and fell to the ground, causing large plumes of smoke to rise and cause alarm. However, according to some, this was an entirely intentional mechanism of ancient Japanese architecture designed to protect structures from collapsing during earthquakes.


Idol Group Kamen Joshi Share A Video Tribute To Donald Trump

On Sunday the idol group, whose name in English means Masked Girls and which is made up of 18 members in three separate teams, released a video titled “Kamen Joshi: Idol Magic for Trump M-A-G-A!” in which seven of the members sang and danced in an effort to “M-A-G-A,” or “make America great again.”

Well, that was interesting.